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What to Expect?

  • Each service to last around an hour.

  • Thought-provoking and relevant messages based on the Bible.

  • A range of musical talent - everything from hymns by the choir to worship music by the Praise Band.

  • Communion delivered to your seat. Anyone can participate. The Communion Cup is juice, not wine.

  • Fun teaching for your children, including: Sunday school, Children's Moments & a nursery playroom.


We wear everything from jeans to shorts to your Sunday best. We want you to feel most welcome, regardless of wardrobe!

front door

While you are welcome to come through any entrance, the front door would give you the best assistance to the sanctuary. You are welcome to sit anywhere!

Sunday School

Begins at 9:45am but we'll leave room for you if you're running late!

Stacy Pollitt-Razor

2nd-6th Grades
Tiffany Fritz

Breakfast Club
for young adults
Seth Fritz

Pre-K - 1st Grade
 Jowana Fritz

7th-12th Grades
Jacob Fritz & Jordan Fritz

The Upper Room
for adults


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