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The Gift We Gave to Christ

We all celebrate the joyous season of Advent and Christmas with the best intentions of giving ourselves to Christ. The food, the fun, the decorations, and the magic of the season serves to woo us into a wonderful feeling of gratefulness and awe at God's willingness to come to us in this person, Jesus the Christ. Emmanuel, God WITH us! Like the Magi of old, we long to see the babe close-up. We want to feel His presence in our lives. We, too, want to shower this newborn King with gifts in celebration of His arrival. The greatest gift we can give is the gift of our whole selves.

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christ's birth by symbolically bringing ourselves to the manger. Through the month of January we will explore how we can give ourselves to Christ every day, as well as some of the obstacles that get in the way of living solely for HIM.

Our Gifts of 'Self' represented in fabric & ribbon.

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