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September is Reconciliation Month

God, in an incredible act of LOVE, came to us in Jesus of Nazareth, to reconcile this world with our great Creator. This love, this grace, offered so freely in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection are all a part of God's work of RECONCILIATION. Each year Flemingsburg Christian Church sets aside the month of September to do our own reconciling work in the world. We do this centered in our great love for Jesus Christ and our efforts to abide in Him so He will abide in us.

September's Sermon Series will focus on RECONCILIATION, beginning the first Sunday following Labor Day.

--September 8th we'll walk through Creation and consider God's intent with Creation in the very beginning. Since this moment, we have needed our relationship RECONCILED with God.

--September 15th we'll look at the story of Abraham and how scripture sets the guidelines for how to greet the stranger. These texts provide the guidelines we need to RECONCILE ourselves to the strangers in our midst.

--September 22nd we'll take a break from our series to hear the Good News from the current President of Lexington Theological Seminary, Dr. Charisse Gillett.

--September 29th we'll consider Jacob and his brother, Esau. These twins knew their share of struggles with family, as do we all. We'll let these texts guide us in our efforts of RECONCILIATION with family.

Join us as we explore this great RECONCILING work in the world that God continues to accomplish through us each and every day. Throughout the month of September we will take up an over-and-above offering for RECONCILIATION. The entirety of these funds are used to help those in our community who are in need. We help pay rent, utilities and purchase groceries for those who are suffering financial hardships through the work of our World Outreach Committee. We do this out of our great love for Christ and our willingness to love and serve as He loved and served.



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