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Deep Tracks

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Sirius XM has a station called "Deep Tracks." Here is where you hear all the deeper tracks by rock legends that you may never hear otherwise. These are all great songs by great artists, but they just never made it into mainstream media. Maybe the artist had other songs that were just better. It didn't make these songs bad; they just weren't the hits that the public paid for and wanted to hear. So, this Sirius station broadens your musical repertoire by sharing a lot of unknown tracks from great artists throughout the best eras of rock'n'roll history.

This sermon series seeks to open up our Biblical repertoire by sharing some fascinating stories that are lesser known in the Bible. They don't show up in any lectionary planning guides and sometimes they're just too bizarre to believe they're actually in the Bible. Here's the line-up of great stories we'll be exploring in the months of July and August:

July 14, 2019 "Day of the Living Dead" from Matthew 27:52-53

July 21, 2019 (Wayne Grannis will bring our message as I will be out of town!)

July 28, 2019 "Being Swallowed by the Earth" excerpts from Numbers 16:1-40

August 4, 2019 "Angels & a Talking Donkey" excerpts from Numbers 22 & 23

August 11, 2019 "Noah & Her Sisters, the Daughters of Zelophehad" Numbers 26-27

August 18, 2019 "Zipporah Saves Moses from God!" from Exodus 4:24-26

August 25, 2019 "Falling Asleep in Church" from Acts 20: 7-13

Join us for as many of these fantastic, curious stories from scripture as you can! Who knows? If we have a lot of fun with these spectacular tales, we may explore a few more Deep Tracks from the Bible.



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