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Beginning a Lenten Journey of Endings

If time were a line, then one end would be the beginning and the other would be the end. In the church, we tend to collapse time, so our endings become beginnings and our beginnings become endings. So, time is more circular and eternal.

If you believe that sin and suffering and darkness will come to an end…then you are at a beginning. Ash Wednesday is a special service held when the day is done, but the Lenten Season is only just begun. This is a season of time where we rest in the promises of new life in Christ. An ending becomes our beginning. An end to lives of self-indulgence and the beginning of turning our attention to God. The season of Lent is a gift really: a gift of time, a gift of contemplation, and a gift of quiet so we might hear the gentle whispers of God. This is when we recognize that all the hungers we have in our over-indulged lives are nothing compared to our deepest hunger, which is for God.

Jesus walked into the wilderness, facing the unknown for 40 days. He arrived, eventually, at the point of perfect love. His love can be perfected in us as we face each day of the Lenten season, if we allow Him to enter into our lives and to work within our hearts to transform us into beautiful reflections of His grace. Ending our self-absorption and beginning a life lived in love and service for Christ turns our endings into beginnings...which is the purpose of the season of Lent.

March 6th is Ash Wednesday. Most of us would think this is a beginning because it is when Lent begins…but actually, Ash Wednesday marks an end. If you recognize the promises of God, you show this with a life lived in faith, maybe even attending church on a regular basis. But regular Sunday worship attendance doesn't capture all there is to know about living a Christ-like life. The special services available during the season of Lent can help us understand more of what we seek in God and how we can sink our roots deeper and firmer into our commitments to Christ-like living. Our weeks are busy enough, I know, but the best way to model faithful living for your family is to surround yourself with others who seek to do the same. Join us for our special Ash Wednesday service March 6th at 7 p.m. and join us for a Lenten journey where our endings become our beginnings and the beginning becomes our ending.

Join us for this wonderful journey.

Blessings, Tracy

Give up who you've been and embrace who you can become.

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